It’s a MUD world

My search for needle-free Anti-aging that works

Dead Sea Minerals Mud mask

I was always afraid of needles. They’re big, Sharp and just plain scary. It’s why I didn’t become a doctor (or so I tell my mother…) so when I started noticing that the tiny wrinkles around my lips and eyes no longer just “add some character” or “spice up my face” but are actually all you can see when I smile – I realized I had a choice to make. I could never smile again, I could get over my fear of needles and get Botox or I can start researching natural solutions for anti-aging.

As you can imagine, I chose option No. 3.

Surprisingly, the first interesting thing I came across was mud. No, not the kind your kid brings home from preschool, Dead Sea mud. Apparently, people have been using it for years for skin rejuvenation purposes, and with good reason – the Dead Sea is the richest natural mineral source in the world, and the Dead Sea mud contains a unique combination of those minerals.

How is that good?

Minerals have the great quality of being hygroscopic – meaning, they have the ability to absorb moisture from the air. Absorbing these minerals in your skin may enhance your skin’s natural moisture. This moisture keeps dryness away, and dryness as we all know, is the wrinkles’ BFF.

Dead Sea Salt

I found a few ways in which cosmetics companies use dead sea mud in their products, from plain mud masks to scrubs and lotions and even shampoo! But I tried to remain face-focused, and here are the results:

Serum service: I always knew moisturizing was important, but I never realized how applying serum before your moisturizer can enhance its effect on your skin. The Dead Sea serums range from oily to lightweight, for dry skin or all skin types. Most contain several vitamins, I recommend looking for the serums that contain Vitamin A – it has skin regenerating capabilities and can help reduce wrinkles!

Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse: This department showed the most surprising results –gels, creams, toners and masks – all meant to purify your skin and leave it as clean and fresh as possible. If you , like me, wish to avoid the post-cleanse dryness – look for peeling and cleansing milks. They achieve the same clean, fresh effect but keep your skin moisturized.

Eye can’t believe it:  Eye serums, eye creams, even eye make-up removers! If your eyes give away your age immediately, this is what you should be after. The eye area, apparently, is very delicate and has a different texture and density than the rest of your face, and therefore should be treated properly, with special products just for your eyes. For some extra rejuvenation, look especially for peptides –  they help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Nighty night: Those always seem to be on the heavy side, but luckily, the ones that use dead sea ingredients tend to be rich without overweighing, and leave your face soft and firm come morning. Because these creams have to be active the longest, they will be richer than regular moisturizer, and that’s ok. Night creams usually contain AHA acid so make sure to use them only at night – the combination of the acid with the sun may cause spotting. Look at the list of ingredients and remember – when it comes to night creams, the more vitamins the better!

Worthy mentions: Dead Sea mud masks for a spa-like pampering at home, mud hand and foot creams to soften the most hard-working parts of your body, and if you’re in a splurging mood – Mud soaps and body wash, you’ll feel smoother than ever.

In conclusion, I won’t say I look 15 years old, but my skin is smoother and more hydrated than it was before. It’s a great, needle-free way to look younger, and I can smile freely now.

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