The Dead Sea Products

The general term of “Dead Sea Product” typically refers to cosmetic or health products which contain extractions from the Dead Sea, such as salt, mud or water. The Dead Sea’s topographic positioning in the lowest area on Earth causes the concentration of its minerals to be exceptionally high. The water at the Dead Sea has a 34% concentration of salts in comparison to only 3% in the ocean, and includes over 21 different minerals. Some of the most substantial minerals include magnesium, calcium, potassium, strontium, boron and iron. The substances in which these minerals are concentrated are often used in the cosmetic world for the application of these minerals onto the skin and hair.
It is believed that the use of Dead Sea products dates back all the way to the Queen of Sheba. Legends claim that the queen believed that the Dead Sea had mystical healing powers. Cleopatra, well known for going great lengths for her beauty, has traveled from Egypt to bath in the salty waters. Today, many Hollywood celebrities have claimed to enjoy Dead Sea products from various leading brands.
Popular types of cosmetic products of the Dead Sea include salt scrubs and mud, as well as lotions and serums infused with minerals from the Dead Sea.
Salt scrubs are often used for exfoliation. The mineral-dense salts are also said to have an antiseptic effect; the product is therefore believed to improve the texture of the skin. The Dead Sea salt is also used as bath salt, by simply dissolving the product into a warm bath for a long soak in the mineral-infused water. Aside from its uses in the beauty industry, many people suffering from psoriasis visit the Dead Sea or use products with Dead Sea minerals following claims that the minerals have a positive effect on the healing of the skin.
Covering large areas of the body in Dead Sea mud is a widely popular tourist activity at the Dead Sea, however one may purchase the mud worldwide as a natural cosmetic product for application at home. Although research is inconclusive as to the effects of Dead Sea mud, hundreds of clinical trials have recorded findings of improvement in muscle relaxation and skin rejuvenation. The claims have led to the widespread use of Dead Sea mud in both skin and hair products.
Dead Sea products are quite ubiquitous today and may be found in various forms. For the most authentic Dead Sea spa experience, it is recommended to use products which contain Dead Sea salt or other Dead Sea derivatives in their ingredient lists. The products may often contain additional additives and special ingredients for a holistic skin-soothing effect.

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