The Dead Sea’s healing powers span centuries, continents, and cultures. Take Cleopatra, the world-renowned Egyptian ruler born in circa 69B.C., who took little to no time to discover the healing properties of the Dead Sea for her skin.

Known to spare no expense to maintain her youth and beauty, Cleopatra visited the area often.

Yet Cleopatra wasn’t the only empress or emperor to take an active interest in the Dead Sea. Men like King Herod the Great wanted great skin, too. King Herod also ordered to build a spa and health resort in the area so he could have his own facilities when he needed them. Thus, the Dead Sea became one of the first documented health and beauty spas in the world.

History is replete with rich and famous figures who could afford to travel to the Dead Sea in order to benefit from it. Today, the wonders of the Dead Sea, such as its ultra-nourishing mud and skin-transforming salt, are available in bottles and packs all around the world thanks to the latest skincare technologies and leading local Dead Sea brands.

What makes Dead Sea special?  

The lowest point on Earth, the world’s largest natural spa, and one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water – meet the natural wonder that’s the Dead Sea located in the rift valley between Israel and Jordan.

What makes the Dead Sea special is its high salt content that makes it a hypersaline lake. It also contains vast amounts of mineral-rich mud – a pure bliss to experience. Well-formulated Dead Sea products, with their unique salt and mud, are nature’s answers to many skin conditions as well as everyday skincare applications.

Ancient treatments for the modern skin you’re in

The wondrous powers of the three-million-year-old Dead Sea include, according to different sources, several skin healing effects, rejuvenation, deep cleansing, and hydration. When sourced directly from the shores of the Dead Sea, Dead Sea salt and mud formulas actively draw out impurities, clarify, invigorate, and smoothen the skin, the same way they would if you were to travel all the way to the Dead Sea!

Cleopatra might have erred in politics, but when it came to beauty, she knew what she was doing. Like Cleopatra, you, too, can benefit from the wonders of the Dead Sea – without having to travel all the way there! Wondering where to buy the best Dead Sea products? Here are a few pointers.

Like Cleopatra, go for local production, meaning a company based in Israel. Israel features several Dead Sea skin care products companies – go for an established one that offers several different product lines. Check their website – do they allow customers to post reviews? This shows transparency and confidence. Do they list all their ingredients online? Do they have patented formulas?

Once you check for these, you are good to go. Enjoy your new Dead Sea experience and watch your skin begin to glow!