Discover the Saltiest Lakes in the World
Posted On January 21, 2021
What makes floating in the Dead Sea possible? The secret lies in the water’s salt concentration: the higher it is, the floatier the water. Read more about the world’s top 5 must-discover salt lakes.
The Most Extreme Lakes in the World
Posted On November 23, 2020
Across our beautiful world, lakes come in every shape, size, and even location imaginable. Cascading down mountains, shaped by mineral deposits, or home to unique flowers, here are 5 lakes that boast unexpected or all-around strange traits.
What makes the Dead Sea so unique?
Posted On February 12, 2020
From skincare enthusiasts to nature adventurers, the Dead Sea attracts people from all walks of life, from all over the world, any time of the year. What makes it so unique?
Is the Dead Sea Drying Up?
Posted On January 19, 2020
Truth is this wondrous body of water might be getting smaller, but it won't disappear completely. Here’s why...
Where does Dead Sea salt come from?
Posted On July 30, 2019
Dead Sea salt is the salt taken or extracted from the Dead Sea. It was used by ancient Egyptians to make skin creams and soaps – a tradition current day Israelis and Jordanians continue – though current day technologies allow cosmetics companies to extract salt from lower, denser, previously unreachable depths of the Dead Sea. […]