There’s been a growing hype around Dead Sea skin care products. Every beauty enthusiast from America to Asia has heard of them, read about them, and many already tried them. Then scientists, researchers, and dermatologists chipped in, explaining the how’s and why’s of the Dead Sea as well as its minerals, antioxidants, salts and more. They have published research papers, hosted TV shows, shared blog posts and more.

So it’s no wonder that in recent years, Dead Sea products have taken the beauty industry by storm – but are Dead Sea products good for skin? Not just in the short run but also in the long run? Let’s explore together.

Why the Dead Sea?

For thousands of years, people have traveled across continents to reach the Dead Sea. From prehistoric royalty to today’s backpackers, voyagers from all walks of life have immersed themselves in the waters of this ancient place. But are Dead Sea’s unique salts and minerals really worth the trouble?

The answer is a resounding yes. The reason is, the Dead Sea contains 21 potent minerals all of which have been proven to be extremely nourishing for the skin. These include Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium, Bromine, Bitumen, Potassium, Zinc, Chlorine, and Iodine. These minerals are nature’s answer to our skin’s unique metabolic needs.

Today, even health insurance companies send their clients to experience the Dead Sea. It’s been shown that these waters help improve certain serious skin conditions such as psoriasis.

Anyone who has ever floated in the Dead Sea – the water is so buoyant that what you do in Dead Sea isn’t swimming, it’s floating – knows how salty it is. Ever rubbed salt into a wound? Yep, that’s what it’s like to be in the Dead Sea. Tourists are advised not to shave for a day or two beforehand, well, because otherwise they will feel an instant burning sensation in shaved areas.

The Dead Sea is a powerful helper for several skin conditions – tired, dull, oily, dry, prematurely aging, you name it. It’s nature’s answer to pretty much all the skin situations we fight against. Dead Sea products have also been shown to help hair and scalp problems, bringing a rejuvenating glow to the tresses.

Today, thanks to scientific advances, innovation and technology, we have so many amazing Dead Sea formulas and we can all benefit from them regardless of where we live – no need to travel thousands of miles. If you have never experienced the miraculous powers of Dead Sea sourced products, it might be time to dip a toe.