The practice of mineral-based skin care is an ancient one – from Cleopatra to King Herod. The royals as well as the locals cherished the waters, salt, and mud of the Dead Sea. Though this was before science, before any proven knowledge of minerals, the visible skin changes Cleopatra and others saw must have been proof enough.

Today, thanks to incredible scientific advancements, experiments, and clinical trials, we now know that minerals are a key factor for healthy, beautiful skin. It could even be said that they are more important than vitamins – as, without a proper balance of minerals, vitamins cannot be absorbed and assimilated.

Dead Sea Mud

While the Dead Sea offers 21 skin-loving minerals, here we present you with the absolute “must-haves,” those that live in the hall of fame of skincare ingredients.  


A miracle multi-tasker, zinc controls some of the hormones that are known to cause acne as well as the production of sebum in the skin. It’s necessary for collagen production and the regeneration and repair of cells. It’s believed to deliver antioxidant properties that support the skin and protect against premature aging. Finally, it acts as an anti-inflammatory factor.


Copper promotes collagen and elastin production, giving the skin strength and elasticity. It works alongside vitamins to support antioxidant function. It promotes hair and skin pigment.


A strong antioxidant mineral that not only prevents and fights cellular damage caused by free radicals but also enhances the properties of other antioxidants. It acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, boosting the skin’s immune function. It has a key role in skin elasticity and flexibility and protects skin from UV damage.


An essential mineral for skin and hair health, this mineral helps fight premature aging. It helps skin to retain elasticity as well as normal moisture levels. Also known as the relaxation or anti-stress mineral, magnesium helps strengthen the nervous system’s parasympathetic activity and promotes a good night’s sleep, both of which help decrease our overall stress levels and the effects of stress on our skin.


Another essential mineral that benefits skin health, calcium plays a major role in providing firmness and elasticity for the skin. It works with the epidermis to produce optimum amounts of sebum for the skin to maintain its natural moisture and avoid dryness.


Potassium helps regulate the amount of water, enhancing the moisture and feel of your skin. A lack of potassium can lead to dry skin and other skin disorders. This mineral also supports the growth of new skin cells.


Sulfur is one of the major minerals that make up the skin, hair, and nails. A natural detoxifying agent, sulfur promotes skin healing and reduces inflammation. It contributes to the production of collagen and promotes skin elasticity.

While these minerals do an incredible job of supporting the skin and fighting premature aging, they are not the only ones a good skincare formula should contain. There is also iodine, iron, sodium, bromide, sulfates, bitumen, phosphorus, boron, chlorine, and others. With 21 potent minerals, a Dead Sea formula might just be everything your skin needs.