Our human bodies, though miraculous and magnificent, are not self-sufficient. In order to survive and thrive, they need oxygen, energy, chemicals, and other elements from the outside, such as from air, food, and water. Our bodies are in a constant exchange with our environment, always taking in, transforming, giving out, and repeating this cycle in many different forms.

Did you know that our bodies don’t produce all the minerals that are essential for our health? Like vitamins, we absorb minerals mainly through a balanced diet. Though less famous than vitamins, minerals are just as important – they help fulfill nerve transmission, oxygen transfer, proper fluid balance, wound healing, bone health, blood sugar regulation, muscle contraction, and protein production, among other functions. Sodium, iron, potassium, iodine, and calcium make the top of the list of essential vitamins.

We can enjoy the benefits of several minerals not only by consuming them directly through food and drink but also by exposing our bodies to them in places that are mineral-rich. One such place, which has become widely known for the therapeutic effects of the minerals in its waters and its mud, is the Dead Sea, a salt lake bordered by Israel and Jordan. It is also the lowest point in the world.


What makes Dead Sea minerals so potent?

There are minerals in sea salt, but the unique composition of the Dead Sea water makes its salt way more potent. While there are ample amounts of magnesium, sodium, calcium, and potassium in the Dead Sea, the electrolytes chloride and bromide have the highest concentration. The Dead Sea also features other minerals such as silicon dioxide, calcium oxide, aluminum oxide, magnesium oxide, iron (III) oxide, sodium oxide, potassium oxide, titanium (IV) oxide, sulfur trioxide, phosphorous pentoxide, chloride, and bromide.

Thanks to these minerals, millions visit the Dead Sea every year to enjoy salt baths and mud treatments, known to help improve various skin conditions and other illnesses including psoriasis, arthritis, and various allergies. Men and women travel all the way here also to get their skin rejuvenated and to reveal a new glow while reveling in some pure me-time away from everything.

If you can create the opportunity to visit the Dead Sea, go for it! Your skin will thank you for it as well as your mind, body, and soul. Can’t visit the area anytime soon? Don’t despair – Dead Sea minerals can also be found in high-quality Dead Sea beauty products.

Dead Sea Skincare for All Ages

Today, thanks to incredible advancements in skincare technology, you can find Dead Sea products that combine the natural healing powers of this magical body of water with the latest in skincare in order to offer you doubly-potent beauty solutions.