Ever tried a Dead Sea-based moisturizer? In our experience, they make the perfect hydration solution. They are gentle, highly nourishing, and balancing. They can help improve skin texture and softness, keeping it fresh, radiant, and well hydrated.

The secret behind Dead Sea moisturizers – the two dozen-plus naturally occurring Dead Sea minerals. These minerals are known for their balancing, replenishing, shielding, and anti-aging properties. They can help maintain the natural moisture level of the skin without a greasy feel,

and balance it against dry, cold, or hot weather.

Dead Sea-based moisturizers come in all forms and formulas – day cream, night cream, specifically formulated for dry, combination, oily, or prematurely aging skin, depending on your needs and preferences.

What’s in the Dead Sea?

There are no plants or fish in the Dead Sea. Nor is there any other visible life. In fact, up until the last century, scientists thought no organism could survive in its highly saline waters. Then a biologist discovered microalgae that could not only survive but even thrive in the extreme environment of the Dead Sea.

Other than microalgae, there are the naturally potent minerals that fill the shores, the water, and the seabed of the Dead Sea. There are twenty-one of them including magnesium, calcium, sulfur, zinc, among others.

Dead Sea-based moisturizers 2

Minerals & the skin

Minerals have a crucial role in maintaining skin health. They work with the skin’s own natural functions, supporting and enhancing them, and not against them. Thus, they are immediately recognized, received, and metabolized by the skin.

Minerals work to strengthen the skin’s matrix, supporting its defense functions and immunity. They stimulate and balance the skin’s metabolic function, helping to slow down premature aging. Minerals help the skin help itself whether it’s to drive away dryness, balance oiliness, and reduce redness.

How to get minerals

Did you know that our bodies cannot create a single mineral? Thus, we depend on outside sources such as food and fluids to obtain minerals. The great news, for skincare, is that topically applied mineral-rich creams can penetrate to the basal level of the skin, and directly deliver the minerals our skin needs.

Giving our skin optimum levels of minerals can help maintain our skin’s radiance and youthful look in both the short and the long run. A well-formulated Dead Sea-based moisturizer can give your skin the high-quality moisture it needs while also providing other benefits.

The best Dead Sea moisturizers

The best Dead Sea moisturizer, for your unique skin and unique needs, is always one from a well-recognized Dead Sea brand – a company with its own labs and researchers, a company that makes sure to clinically test its products, a company located in a developed country such as Israel with stringent health protocols.

There are many formulas on the market – designed to replenish very dry to dry skin, balance combination and oily skin, revive dull and prematurely aging skin. Always pick one formulated for your skin type and age, and make sure to apply regularly, twice a day if you can.