All around the world, through time, the Dead Sea has been known as nature’s gift to humanity, a natural spa and an answer to various skin conditions. People have traveled thousands of miles to be able to put Dead Sea salt or mud on their faces, bodies, and hair, and their stories of healing traveled through word of mouth through generations and across continents.

But what does the Dead Sea actually do to your skin? What is in its waters and seabed that makes it so unique? And are they really as good for your skin as the legend has it? And if it is good for your skin, how? What is it that it does, exactly?

The Dead Sea and Your Skin

Thanks to all the technological advances as well as the scientific research carried out in the last century, we now know what’s found in the Dead Sea and why and how it can be great for your skin. Here’s the breakdown.

Dead Sea salt – anyone who dips a toe in this body of water instantly feels the sheer amount of salt in it. You sense it on your skin, and you know it’s doing its magic especially if you have open wounds. It burns the same way an antiseptic would burn. But this isn’t your traditional table salt. This is a unique salt that contains an extremely high volume of good-for-skin minerals.

There are twenty-one minerals found in the Dead Sea including sulfur, zinc, potassium, magnesium, lithium, strontium, bromide, bitumen, chlorine, iodine, calcium, and sodium. Twelve of these minerals are unique to the Dead Sea; and the whole combination is not found anywhere else on Earth.

Among the Dead Sea minerals, sulfur provides softness and smoothness to your skin. Sodium gently helps heal dryness. Lithium and Strontium help treat different skin problems while manganese helps your skin to build a healthy first layer. Magnesium, sodium and potassium all help improve your skin’s ability to hold and retain moisture, making it glow naturally.

This information alone should be enough to explain why a mineral-rich skincare product from this body of water can transform your skincare routine and your skin, especially if aging is a concern. But there’s even more to the Dead Sea.

Dead Sea mud – sourced from the Dead Sea’s banks and seabed, Dead Sea mud contains beneficial nutrients and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium, silica, chlorides, zinc, lithium, chromium, iron, iodine, and barium. This rich mineral content works to improve your skin by helping it form a better barrier, making it more elastic, moisturizing and absorbing excess oils. Just like the Dead Sea salt, the Dead Sea mud is unique. Try both a salt and a mud product to discover the miracles they can perform for your skin.