Salt is much more than a flavoring for food. It’s a fundamental necessity of life – our bodily systems regularly need a certain amount of salt to carry out some of their most essential functions. Yet, this life-supporting mineral got a bad rep in the last decade, as too much of it can lead to high blood pressure, fluid retention, heart attack, and kidney problems.

The great news is when it comes to taking weekly or even daily salt baths, there’s no such thing as too much or too often.

Not only is a salt bath an excellent upgrade to our daily routine, it is also one of the best ways to restore ourselves especially after a long day or during stressful times. A bath filled with warm water and generous amounts of salt detoxifies our body, soothes our muscles, calms our mind, and brings feelings of relaxation and well-being. It also deeply cleanses and hydrates our skin.

Salts that come from mineral-rich places like the Dead Sea are even better – the many health-promoting minerals found in such salts are drawn into our bloodstream during a bath. They help to balance our entire body. They draw out impurities from the skin and leave us feeling better and looking radiant.   

The benefits of a salt bath are countless. Here we’re listing just the top three. 

1. Boosts health and builds immunity

Salt baths improve our overall health. They help improve cardiovascular function, boost circulation, help with nerve function, and regulate blood sugar. By regularly submerging our bodies in a salt bath, we absorb healthy minerals and boost our resistance to diseases. Salt baths are also high in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action, helping stave off bacteria and boosting our immune system. They are good for all the systems and organs of the body.

2. Promotes better sleep

When we’re anxious, tense, or overwhelmed, or experience stress on an ongoing basis, we tend to suffer from sleep problems. A warm salt bath can thoroughly relax our mind, body, and spirit, and prepare us for a better night’s sleep.

A pro tip: when you’re done with your warm salt bath, use equally warm or cool water to wash your hair and body. Then, allow yourself to be briefly exposed to the cool air in your bathroom. This temperature change will actually help you to fall asleep better and improve the quality of your sleep.

3. Improves the look and feel of your skin

A high-quality salt soak means absorbing many skin-loving minerals. These minerals detoxify and deeply cleanse the skin, revealing a new, more radiant layer. Such minerals naturally balance the skin’s moisture levels, helping fight dryness, redness, itchiness, and many other imbalances. They promote healthier, younger-looking skin, and leave our skin silky soft, and smooth.

Salts from hypersaline places like the Dead Sea have the added benefit of helping treat psoriasis and many other skin conditions. The many minerals found in these salts work miracles not just for our general well-being but also for our skin.