Soap has been a part of our lives since at least 2800 BC, the Babylonian times. Before soap, people used plain water to clean their faces and bodies. For deep cleansing and exfoliation, they turned to sand and mud. Those who could afford it used oils for moisturizing and general pampering. The royalty and the very rich traveled to places like the Dead Sea to benefit from its naturally amply nourishing waters, salts, and mud.

For most people, soap has been the go-to cleaning method until about forty years ago. As myths about bar soaps harvesting bacteria gained traction, manufacturers produced a variety of liquid soaps and pushed consumers, through advertising, to move to this “new” solution. Young people thought liquid was cool, and that traditional soap was something old people used. It wasn’t chic. Little did they know that most liquid soaps were nothing more than detergents – and not soap at all.

Today, we have many options – so many, in fact, that it has become a daunting task to choose the right products for our skin. Fortunately, the old faithful soap bars have made a comeback and in doing so, not only simplified our lives and skincare routines but also gave our skin what it needed – simple yet effective cleansing.

Dead Sea Soap Bars

Dead Sea Soap Bars

The Dead Sea is world-famous for its skin benefits – some insurance companies even cover trips to the region for policy holders with psoriasis and other skin conditions. The ample minerals found in the Dead Sea make it skin’s best friend through and through.

Incorporating a Dead Sea soap into your routine is super simple – not to mention effective and convenient. They are easy to travel with, as they are small and there’s no chance they’ll spill on your precious clothing items. Just need a soap case and you’re good to go. Soap bars deliver a myriad of skin benefits wherever you are. All you need is water to lather.

Dead Sea soap bars come in a few varieties. Generally speaking, Dead Sea mud soap bars are great for removing excess sebum, pollutants, and other impurities. They help unclog pores and smooth the surface of your skin. They are great for all skin types but are especially effective on combination and oily skin.

Dead Sea mineral soap bars tend to work on all skin types, as they deliver ample minerals to the skin – and all skin types need minerals! As the Dead Sea has twenty-one different minerals, you can also find soaps that deliver a potent dose of a specific mineral. A Dead Sea sulfur soap, for example, is great for anyone who’d like their soap to offer anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial benefits, as well as deep cleansing. Always check the label to make sure that your soap is suitable for the skin area you intend to use it on. Never use body soap on your face and vice versa. As a general rule, we recommend buying soaps from a well-known, well-established company.