There are two kinds of skincare enthusiasts – those that use salt scrubs as part of their regular routine, and those that don’t. The latter, most likely, just haven’t realized how amazing a salt scrub is for the skin, regardless of skin type. Or perhaps they think a salt scrub is an expensive treatment you only get at a spa, once in a blue moon. The truth couldn’t be further away from this assumption as a salt scrub can easily be performed at home and achieve excellent results.

Why salt? Because a good salt scrub, such as one formulated with Dead Sea salt, contains rich amounts of naturally-formed minerals that deliver incredible benefits to the skin. These minerals range from magnesium, calcium, and potassium to bromine, iodine, and zinc. When topically applied, these minerals penetrate into the skin and deliver a multitude of skin-improving effects – including softening, suppleness, and energizing.


Without further ado, here are the three key benefits of incorporating a salt scrub into your beauty routine.

1. A different kind of glow

A salt scrub reveals a new kind of glow on both the complexion and the body’s skin. Pay attention to the formula you’re using – the higher the salt concentration, the better – at least 60 or 70 percent. Some salt scrub formulas are enriched with essential oils to provide extra moisture. If you have normal to dry skin, this can be a good idea for you. Regardless of your skin type, a daily salt scrub will leave your skin with a newfound radiance the whole day whether it’s your face or body.

2. Deep exfoliation

Salt scrubs offer a deep exfoliation effect that removes dead skin cells, impurities, and makeup and product residue. This helps unclog pores and helps pave the way for skin to regenerate new cells. Your skin is left with a smooth texture that looks and feels deeply clean. The deep exfoliating effects of a salt scrub are great for both the face and the body, but make sure to use two different formulas – one that’s specifically made for use on the face and the other on the body, as these skin areas are very different from one another and need different ingredients in different doses.

3. Relaxation

Treating yourself with a salt scrub, especially on a daily basis, can be extremely relaxing. When you apply the scrub to your face, gently massage your forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck to improve circulation, product absorption, and to be able to give yourself some much-needed me-time.
A body salt scrub is best applied when taking a shower or a bath. If you have a few extra minutes, massage the product into your arms, legs, and torso, and when the salts are dissolved, simply rinse off.

A good salt scrub is a game-changer. It can transform your beauty routine into a powerful self-love experience, a pampering daily ritual that improves your skin and overall wellbeing.