Dead Sea salt is the salt taken or extracted from the Dead Sea. It was used by ancient Egyptians to make skin creams and soaps – a tradition current day Israelis and Jordanians continue – though current day technologies allow cosmetics companies to extract salt from lower, denser, previously unreachable depths of the Dead Sea.

Dead Sea is one of the saltiest lakes on Earth. It’s a landlocked lake rather than an actual sea, which may partly explain why the salt accrues here in such high concentrations. Salt crystals accumulate on the shores with intense buildup in rocky ridges, peaks and towers.

Just how salty is the Dead Sea?

Dead Sea water is nine times as salty as sea or ocean water. The deeper you go into the Dead Sea, the higher the salinity. In fact, at depths below 100 meters (300 feet), the water is so concentrated with salt that it reaches the maximum amount of salt any water can hold. The salt then begins to build upon the seafloor. This is how salty the Dead Sea is – incredible, isn’t it?

To show just how salty the Dead Sea is as well as the crystalline effects of its waters, artist Sigalit Landau submerged a wedding dress into the depths of the Dead Sea for two months. Hers was a traditional Hassidic dress and her goal was to wear a Salt Crystal Bride Gown. Observers and curious groups from around the world waited as the dress was kept deep in the sea.  

Two months later, when it was taken out, the previously ordinary dress was coated in brilliant white crystals and had transformed into a glittering, salty, crystalline sculpture. It’s now exhibited at museums around the world.

Dead Sea salt as a skincare ingredient

The potent Dead Sea salt makes for a miracle ingredient in any skincare formula. What we didn’t mention above is the Dead Sea salt’s extremely high mineral content. Among these are sulfur, sodium, manganese, lithium, strontium, magnesium and potassium in nature-calibrated perfect amounts and percentages.

Today’s leading skincare companies formulate the best Dead Sea products ever created in history. These include targeted Dead Sea source products such as salt-intensive or mud-intensive formulas. The best Dead Sea salt skin care products include high concentrations of original, pure Dead Sea salt whether they are Dead Sea salt facial products or hair care products.

Some companies infuse this salt with micro algae – some that live in the Dead Sea already, and some that don’t – to create even more potent skin care formulas. Some add plant extracts, proven herbs and more. When it comes to meeting the needs of the skin care customer, innovation knows no frontiers these days.  

Where to buy Dead Sea products

Today, there are so many Dead Sea brands out there. Choose a local brand as they’ll have direct access to the wondrous Dead Sea, extracting the salt and the mud themselves. With countless Dead Sea products, Israel takes the lead in the industry. Next, choose an Israeli brand that’s long established and has a variety of skincare lines for different skin needs. Pick one such brand, that’s available in multiple countries as well as online.